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SISU School Punta Cana

Own a SISU School

Why  choose a  SISU School®?

International Standards

A unique hybrid of the best educational practices from the world's two most recognized educational systems: Finnish and American International. 

Competitive Pricing

 Because of the affordable SISU Model, you as the owner will be able to enjoy financial success based on quality education.

Easy to Get Started

Comprehensive starter set of documentation and training materials you need for a smooth school start-up process. 

Ongoing Assistance

Your school will be supported by a dedicated expert from the SISU team.  

Our Services

School set-up made easy. We thought of everything.

SISU Program

  • Detailed Standards for English, Maths and Science 

  • General Standards for all subjects 

  • Individual Learning Plans 

AP Courses for High School

SISU Teacher Support

  • Online Training

  • Annual Plans and Pacing Guides

  • Lesson Plan Tools for Teachers

  • Online Support Throughout the Year

Onsite Training

Operations Manuals, Plans and Forms

  • Parent Handbook

  • Employee Handbook

  • Policies/Forms Library

  • Standard School Safety Plan

Financial Management Support

  • Budgeting Support

Learning Environment

  • Architectural Guidance

  • Interior Design Guidance

  • Classroom Resource List 

  • Access to our supply channels

Architectural Services

SISU Brand and Marketing Resources


  • Right to use the SISU Brand

  • Marketing Kit​

  • Website, Emails and Social Media set up

Staffing Plan Support

  • Staffing Plan

  • Job Descriptions

International Recruitment

Quality Assurance Program

  • Quality Assurance Manual

  • ISS School Certification

International Accreditation Support


  • School Management Software

  • Mobile Apps for Teachers and Parents

Global Community

  • Access to our SISU Online Portal

  • SISU Events

What Are the Language Options for My School?

All of the programs conform to the SISU program standards and the best practices of International and Finnish education, LUMO Education and International Schools Services.

What Is the Difference Between a SISU School and an International School?

  • You are able to operate on local curriculum and do not have to go through a difficult school license application process.

  • SISU Schools is a bilingual model which provenly has many advantages over single language education. Learn more about the benefits of bilingual education on the video.

  • You are also able to operate on local language and staff, which makes the operations and recruitment easier.

Language options


Local language of instruction for all subjects.


Local curriculum integrated with the SISU program.


English language of instruction for Math, Science and

English Language Arts.


All other subjects to be taught in the local language.


Local curriculum integrated with the SISU program.


English language of instruction for all subjects.


Available for kindergartens

and preschools. Also schools in English speaking countries.


Local curriculum integrated with the SISU program.

What School Levels Do We Offer?

SISU Kids Start your own school- We have thought of everything!

KG and Preschool


  • SISU Care - 6 months -1 Year 

  • SISU Early Years - 2-4 Years 

  • SISU KG / Preschool - 5/6 Years 

SISU Students  Start a school - Smooth Franchise Process

Elementary and Middle School

SISU Students

  • Elementary - Grades 1-5/6

  • Middle School - Grades 6/7-8/9

 SISU Scholars How to start you own school? SISU School, Preschool and Kindergarten Franchise Concept works everywhere

High School

SISU Scholars

  • High School - Grades 9/10-12 

You decide whether you want to start small and scale up gradually from KG to elementary or open all the levels at once. We also welcome existing kindergartens and schools to join SISU Schools. Start planning your school by using our simple tool here.

School License

Your SISU school will address the curriculum requirements to be licensed by your local authorities AND incorporate both, the core elements of the National Core Curriculum of Finland and the core standards of the international American curriculum.


As the owner, you will apply the school license based on your local curriculum.


The Benefits of a SISU School

No headaches. We thought of everything.

SISU Program

Learning Environment

We provide you with room layouts for both classrooms and play areas (indoor and outdoor). 


Procurement becomes easy through our design guide and classroom resource list that includes all the recommended furniture and learning materials


You may source everything by yourself or use our trusted ISS supply channels.

SISU School Punta Cana - a Finnish-American School
Teacher Support
Learning Environment
Set-up a new school  with SISU Franchise Concept; we will support you all the way.

SISU Teacher Support

Your teachers will be fully equipped through our teacher training program that guides them on lesson planning, assessment and on how to design personal learning paths.​  


All teachers will have access to our vast pedagogical portal. Schools are also provided with coaching throughout the school year.

SISU Program

Curriculum and individual learning plans following the proven pedagogical standards from Finland and the USA. Includes general standards for all subjects and detailed standards for English Language Arts, Math and Science.

You may choose from three different age levels:

Your school will operate on local curricula in addition to the SISU program. 

SISU School Program for Early Years Education
SISU Schools logo

SISU Brand & Marketing Resources

You will have the right to use the SISU brand and you gain access to our marketing resource materials such as Brand Guidebook, marketing photos, logos, social media images and more.


We will open your website, emails and social media channels instantly after school license has been approved. You can start marketing your school at a very early stage and website hosting will be provided to you at no cost.


SISU School Management Software & 

Mobile Apps for Teachers and Parents

We will provide you with a comprehensive and easy-to-use school management software as well as mobile apps for parents and teachers.

This will make the day-to-day management and home school collaboration easy for all.

SISU Franchise Concept offers School Management Software and Mobile Apps for Teachers and Parents
SISU School Franchising offers Document Library to support the School Owner and the School Staff

Operations Manuals, Plans and Forms 

You will also receive the crucial handbooks, that include all the important policies, procedures, guidelines, and instructions, ready to be printed. The handbooks can, however, be customized as you wish.

The Forms Library includes all the necessary forms that are needed at school. Such as admissions, waivers, and different kind of policy acknowledgment forms.

Financial Tools

With our Financial Model - tool we can help you to outline your school’s financials before you make the final decision of your project. 


Our budgeting tool helps you to plan your school’s budget and forecast for the coming years. We are happy to offer our support to you when planning your school finance.

Private Education School budgeting tool - helps you to plan your school’s budget and forecast for the coming years.
Job Descriptions and Staffing Plan Templates  recrtuiting international and local staff- KG teachers, Nurses, Elementary  and Middle school Teachers

Staffing Plan and Job Descriptions

We provide you with a staffing plan and job descriptions to make your recruitment process easy.


If you wish, we can support you in recruiting international staff in case your school is international and you wish to have either Finnish or native English-speaking teachers or both. 

Quality Assurance Program

We are committed to educational excellence and continuous school improvement. Each SISU school will follow the ISS Quality Assurance Program based on the highest international standards. All SISU Schools must meet certain international standards as a condition of their franchise.


Those SISU schools who aspire to meeting higher standards may qualify as an ISS Certified School. By pursuing progressive levels of ISS Certification, SISU Schools can improve their practices and apply as a candidate for accreditation.

SISU Franchise Concept includes full Quality Assurance Program
Quality assurance
How to open a private school or Kindergarten? - Join our Global Community -SISU Schools

Global Community

Be part of a global community of schools. As a SISU school owner, you are welcome to our SISU Events, which are great opportunities for sharing and learning the latest trends in the field of education.

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